Great Rolex Watches for Men

There are fewer and fewer differences between what makes a watch suitable for a male or female audience. True, the shift has only been rapid in one direction, but personal expression has never been so diverse or accepted on a large scale. What’s more, certain Rolex watches for men like the Submariner is so universally loved that they have become true industry icons, rather than watches specifically targeted at members of a particular gender.
It is far less important for men to be able to enter the women’s fake watch sector, because men have a much larger share of the market. Rolex is one such brand that still caters to a predominantly male audience. But the appeal of The Crown knows no gender. Anyone should be able to wear a Rolex if they do so desire, but which are the top “men’s” models that women should consider if nothing in the ladies’ range floats their boat?
This is a typical, comfortable, traditionally-sized replica Rolex that comes to life in full gold on the President bracelet. The 18k yellow gold construction and champagne dial make for a classic and timeless combination, although diamond hour markers may not be for everyone. The Rolex Day-Date 36 is available with a wide variety of different dial, bezel, and bracelet combinations, virtually guaranteeing that there will be a model that appeals to every style and preference. Whichever configuration you go for, the timeless size and sheer quality of execution look great on both male and female wrists. rolex watches for men with price
Color is the name of the game here. The Rolex Milgauss, often with its funky green sapphire crystal, has always been a bit of a chromatic outlier, happy to mix a brightly-colored seconds hand with mismatched hour markers. Another 36mm reference perfectly straddles the divide between men’s and women’s watches, but the red grape dial opens up a whole new color palette that not many replica watches give access to. It’s another great halfway house and one that simultaneously goes with nothing and everything in your wardrobe. And considering that it is very much at the cheap end of the Rolex spectrum, it is a nice way to get bucketloads of character on your wrist for not much dime.
The biggest of the bunch – a 42mm Sky-Dweller with a full Everose gold case and Oyster bracelet may not seem the most obvious choice. But believe it or not, I think this painting is more suitable for women than men. However, the most talked-about Rolex family did not place its favorite son at no. 5 on my list. Instead, I chose my own personal choice, which I believe will eventually become a true classic.