Best Replica Rolex Style Guide

While every fake rolex can be worn differently, there are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to build your own watch. With this guide, we’ll make sure you look like an experienced collector every time you pair your watch with your clothes. For anyone who requires help on how to wear a watch correctly, we are here to help. Because you’ll see that just wearing a Rolex isn’t enough to make you look amazing. So if you wear a replica Rolex every day, or only several times a week, this guide will be of great assistance.
When you wear a watch, you put it on the wrist of the hand you do not write with. This makes it easy to configure or change your dominant hand. Therefore, most people wear the fake watch on their left hand. Most left-handed people will simply wear the watch on their right wrist, but some may want to try to find a left-handed version of their watch, or just have to compromise and wear it like a right-handed person.
Your watch should also be fitted to your wrist perfectly by removing any extra links that make it slide around or extending the bracelet so that it’s not too tight. If your watch doesn’t fit well, it’s going to make you look sloppy and unprofessional, or at the very least, like a new collector. And don’t forget that you actually wear your watch just above your wrist, not on top of your wrist. Not sure you’re doing it right? Follow our watch sizing guide here. 
You don’t need us to tell you that gold is more fashionable than stainless steel. But when it comes to matching your rolex eplica watch to the occasion, alloys are a huge indicator of what’s right. If you’re going to a party, buy a solid gold or solid gold Rolex with a fine dial — even if the dial is solid gold. If you want to wear a simple but stylish shirt and pants on a date night, wear two colors. A stainless-steel model or even something with a colored border will do for Sunday night soccer with the neighbors.
If you have a brown leather band, be careful not to pair it with black leather shoes. If you’re wearing a color border or face shape, don’t feel the need to make it a perfect match for your tie or shirt. Your watch can add color where your other clothes are missing, or pair your green face with a blue shirt. Everything should be consistent, not random.
At this point, your watch should be the last piece that holds your overall image together. When you’re proud of your watch, it shouldn’t be the main focus — you should be. Your Rolex should tell you and your sense of style and completely enhance it. So next time you wear it, keep that in mind.