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February 23th
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Illiterate Light, Dogwood Tales, SAW BLACK & BLUSH FACE
February 24th
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Runaway Brother, Downhaul, two cars & Riley Little
February 27th
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March 1st
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Arcade Games

MS. PAC MAN: The epic second installation of this award-winning series examines the mysteries of this strange race of golden, spherical creatures. The power pellet harvest has been plentiful this year and life seems good, but one young lady is about to discover that horror may lie just around the corner...

Galaga: Released by Namco in 1981 Galaga is a space ship shooting game. Galaga is similar to Galaxian because it's a sequel. The player controls a spaceship and shoots at groups of alien ships above that occasionally attack.

Flash Games

SPACE INVADERS: We're losing too many ships! What are your orders, Captain? REDUCE ALTITUDE. INCREASE SPEED. REVERSE DIRECTION!

MORTAL KOMBAT 3 ULTIMATE: If you've ever wanted to enter the exciting world of bartending while simultaneously spending the quarters you would be earning otherwise, now is your chance.

PUZZLE BOBBLE: The object is to link up color bubbles in order to score points and remove them from the screen. In a one-player game there are 30 rounds to complete and in two-player mode the object is to clear your screen first.In addition to a NEO-GEO implementation, a Taito F3 implementation was made.
Taito, the Puzzle Bobble maker, released 396 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1967.

SMASH TV: Ripped from the pages of Steven King's The Running Man, you are a contestant in the world's most violent game show, and you must fight through ninety-nine levels of white-knuckled double joystick mayhem. It's basically just like American Idol, except no Steven Tyler.

SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO: A faster version of the previous game that features different color pallets and new moves. M. Bison has the same color clothing. This game is bit faster and harder than the original.
Capcom, the Street Fighter II' Turbo - Hyper Fighting maker, released 208 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1984.

THE SIMPSONS: 4-player co-op game where players assume the roles of Homer, Marge, Bart, or Lisa Simpson. Goal: save Maggie and recover the stolen diamond. Konami, the Simpsons, The maker, released 357 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1978.

PAPERBOY: Paperboy calls it quits! Accused of negligence, vandalism. "Worst ever!" claim irate customers. "He was a real loser!" Daily Sun subscription rate plummets. Daily Sun now hiring!

CAPCOM vs. SNK II: Look, you're an adult, I don't need to explain this to you. Martial arts. Fireballs. You get it.

MARVEL vs. CAPCOM: Various characters from Capcom games and Marvel Comics compete against each other in this classic Vs. brawler from Capcom. Unlike its predecessors, it adds the ability to call out a designated helper character during gameplay. Capcom, the Marvel Vs. Capcom maker, released 208 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1984.

NEO GEO: A cartridge-based arcade system that allows one to six games to be loaded, depending upon the type of motherboard used. If more than one game is available, players are able to select the title of their choice. SNK, the Neo Geo MVS maker, released 156 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1979.

MARVEL vs. CAPCOM II: This is what it says on Wikipedia: "When the earth and everything on it begins to die, Ruby Heart traces the source to an evil being known as Abyss, the Armor of Erosion. She summons the greatest heroes to her airship to find the being. Ultimately, its source of power is revealed to be a mysterious black metal ball within its center. The ending suggests that the sphere may be worthless now, given the massive crack in it; Ruby holds it in her hand and regards it briefly before throwing it over her back into the water, letting it sink to the bottom." I think they are talking about a different game. Superheroes fighting Ninjas. Everyone wins.

GOLDEN AXE: Gilius Thunderhead, Ax Battler, and Tyris Flare fight their way across the demon infested plains to defeat the Death Adder, control the Golden Axe, and bring peace to all of Yuria. Along the way, they bitch slap many trifling ass elves who try to steal their potions.

BAD DUDES vs. DRAGON NINJA: President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?

NINJA GAIDEN: The game that settled, once and for all, who would win a fight between a blue ninja and a red ninja. Wait, that battle still rages on?

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